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If you love grills, take a look at our grill takeaway menu. It has a wide variety of delicious cuisines. As you rejoice in these extraordinary dishes, you are sure to get amazed by their amazing taste and smell. You will be happy to know that our chefs utilize a wide array of traditional and authentic spices to prepare these cuisines. This has earned them a high reputation and people from different parts of the city visit our restaurant to relish in them. Some of the signature grill dishes, found in our takeaway menu include Lamb Tikka, Grillish Chicken Kebab, Grilled Fish, and Mixed Grill. We also have some amazing dishes for people who are fond of sizzlers. Some of the popular Sizzler dishes on our menu are Mixed Grill Sizzler, Chicken Tikka Sizzler, Fish Sizzler. You do not need to get disheartened if you are a burger lover as we have the best variety of cuisines for you as well. You can try Grillish Burger with Cheese, Cheeseburger, Lamb Burger during your visit to our restaurant. Kebab lovers can also find their favorite dishes in our takeaway menu. In addition to this, we have included a plethora of salad dishes on our menu. Rejoice in the delicious chips and sauces as you order food from our takeaway menu. Our beverage section comprises of Fanta Orange, Vimto, 7-Up, etc. We have a wide experience in this industry and we make the best use of this to prepare the most delicious cuisines for you. It is the top quality of spices used in the preparation of food that adds to their taste.

About Grillish Nottingham

Grillish is recognized to be one of the leading grill takeaway restaurants in Nottingham. Whether you are a kebab lover or you want to enjoy delicious sizzlers, nothing can beat the taste of our food. It is the excellent variety of ingredients used by our chefs for preparing the dishes that add to their aroma and taste. With the extensive variety of cuisines and out of the ordinary taste and smell of food, we have been successful in captivating the heart of customers. Different traditional and authentic processes are used by the chefs to ensure a high quality of food with the second to none smell. Recently, we have come up with different types of apps which make ordering food from our takeaway menu easier. If you are willing to download these apps, have a look at Apple Store or Google Store. Download these apps and order food from our takeaway menu today. Customers who lack time to visit our restaurant make use of them to order food from our restaurant.

Restaurant location Grillish Nottingham

If you are willing to rejoice in these mouth watering cuisines, visit our grill takeaway restaurant. If you are willing to visit our restaurant, you can find us at 69 Mansfield Rd,Nottingham NG1 3FN. Owing to the extreme popularity of our restaurant, finding us in Nottingham is as easy as ABC. You can opt for public or private transportation systems for reaching us easily. If you are totally new in the city, make use of online maps for reaching us.